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  • Mix and Match: Choose from our library of over 300 recipes or we can match your recipe and develop it for commercial use.


  • All are facilities are HACCP & FDA compliant.


  • Kosher products available. 

  • Multiple Modes Of Production: We can produce all varieties of condiments, including hot and cold packs, using our patented technologies.
  • ​Pallet Quantities: Unlike many other companies, we can produce almost any size of product run. 
  • Customized Packaging: You will be able to customize your packaging so your vision is fully integrated into your product.


  • Location: We are conveniently located in the NYC-area, with distribution access to the Miami-area.

  • Timely Quote: We have streamlined our cost analysis, so you don't have to waste your time waiting for pricing.

  • Save Your Money: We carry inventory of most raw materials at a major volume discount, so you aren't purchasing more than you need for your product.

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